Bodypainting 7“You have to believe in your work. It’s an experience you’ve made real, and to a million different people it will mean a million different things.” – JQ

“Art in Phoenix continues to bloom.  No longer exclusively known for its dry heat and bleak landscapes, Downtown Phoenix is sprouting an art scene and Justin Queal is the pioneer paving the way.” – Morgan Tanabe, Local Revibe Magazine, November 2013 issue.

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  Queal was selected to represent the City of Phoenix on the cover of the Downtown Directory for 2014.

godaddy mural

Queal recently completed a mural for the GoDaddy Global Technology Center in Tempe, AZ.  The piece was inspired by historical Lascaux cave paintings.  GoDaddy wanted their own story etched onto their wall of fame.  The mural captured their small business customers working with technology & online support to turn their dreams into reality.  Queal embellished the piece with illuminated circuitry, using metallic paint, enlivening the piece with rhythm and energy, giving the viewers a light-sensitive interactive experience.

antlerjavamagCheck out the new issue of JAVA MAGAZINE to read a feature on Justin.  July 2016